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Witajcie w Polocenie. Polskie konteksty walki z katastrofą na przykładzie literatury okołopowodziowej po roku 1945

  1. Anna Barcz ORCiD: 0000-0002-8687-5259


Welcome to the Polocene: Polish aspects of fighting with floods as exemplified in literature after 1945

The aim of the article is to localise the representative examples of cultural models of behaviour and ways of adapting to the hazardous environmental changes. It is discussed on the basis of so called flood narratives in Polish literature such as Tomasz Różycki’s Bestiarium (2012) and Maciej Płaza’s Skoruń (2015). The author puts a question about the function of the polonocentric, combative model as a pattern of behaviour that emerges from these texts, as well as about the role of catholic religion in the society who cannot cope with more and more unpredictable catastrophic threats (like the flood). The author concludes that this situation is culturally contextualised and results in the social inability to accept a new ecological paradigm in the space and landscape management.

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Prace Kulturoznawcze

22, 2018, nr 1—2

Strony od 129 do 142

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