Kompleks Narcyza: wzór — cechy — elementy. Stare metody i coraz bardziej aktualne problemy

  1. Anna Gomóła ORCiD: 0000-0002-4773-9246



Narcissus complex: Pattern and traits. Old concepts and problems that keep being valid

In this paper I ponder on the dominance of the “narcistic culture,” or a culture in which narcissism disseminates as a basic behaviour type, with its characteristic values (inspired by Ruth Bene­dict’s idea). I describe the “narcissism culture” typologically: I put it in an opposition towards the “culture of common good” and characterise it as a diffusive net of traits (inspired by Alfred L. Kroe­ber’s idea), which actualises itself in concrete local conditions. “Narcissism culture” is based upon individualism, ambition, and care for keeping up the image, while distancing itself from the “culture of common good,” i.e. community oriented, honour, caring for keeping up the image and reputation. The conditions for the narcissism to spread were possible because or were created by industrialisa­tion, with its six traits indicated by Alvin Toffler: standardisation, specialisation, synchronisation,  concentration, maximalisation, and centralisation, whereas due to the development of capitalism the  narcistic behaviours were reinforced and gained social importance.


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Prace Kulturoznawcze

23, 2019, nr 1

Pages from 115 to 123

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