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Praktykowanie kultury. O wyprawianiu się Teatru ZAR

  1. Kamila Klamut-Pawlik


Practising culture. The journeying of Teatr ZAR



What links Teatr ZAR to the concepts and premises of J. Grotowski, E. Barba or to the work of Teatr Gardzienice is, first of all, the conviction that the basis of theatre, particularly of the art of acting, is human creativity, which requires its subjects to return to themselves and develop internally. This requires actions that go beyond purely intellectual competence and the closed circle of the familiar. The journeys of Teatr ZAR members to other countries, sometimes geographically and culturally very distant, are equally focused on researching theatre’s musical roots and strength as well as on getting to know oneself thanks to active contact with a different culture. In this sense, theatre anthropology means practising culture.

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Prace Kulturoznawcze

12, 2011

Strony od 235 do 239

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