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Natura alpinizmu. Wspinaczka jako bricolage

  1. Marek Pacukiewicz ORCiD:


The nature of mountain climbing. Climbing as bricolage

In the Western European tradition, mountains are seen as nature’s strongest fortress. For a long time they were transformed into a rhetorical figure by aesthetic conventions and scientific discourse. It is only the modern mountain climbing that has recognised the autonomy of mountains and established a vertical climbing route as the basis of experiencing them. The ontological experience of a climbing route is a kind of mediation: every step a climber takes oscillates between culture and nature, their components intertwining with each other to form a cohesive whole. Thus, climbing becomes a sort of a logical tool for climbers to classify the world not only in the mountains, but also in a broader context, with their personality model based on the model and style of the climbing route.

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14/2, 2012

Strony od 179 do 192

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