Uczestnictwo w globalnej ekumenie kulturowej?

  1. Adam Nobis ORCiD: 0000-0001-8093-1283adam.nobis@uwr.edu.pl



Participationin a global cultural ecumene?

Certain theorists of global processes and phenomena find it useless for their studies to imagine culture in terms national or tribal that depart from an assumption of there being amultitude of different cultures. The conception of global cultural ecumene of Ulf Hannerz is one of the alternative propositions, for it assumes the existence of one cross-human cultural ecumene within which influences, borrowings, modifications and other cultural processes can occur. If we were to follow this route, one would have to begin by posing afew questions. Can we speak of our participation in a global ecumene? And how is it possible in the first place? Can we, and if yes, how and why, take part, or share, cultural contents that are so different and distant in time and space? My paper searches for an answer to these questions. It opens with an analysis of objects located in the quotidian spaces of our homes, yet coming from distant places and times.


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Prace Kulturoznawcze

19, 2016

Pages from 103 to 112

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